Increasing HR Shared Services Success With Employee Self-Service

One of the foundations of HR Shared Services is that “the best call to HR is the one that is never made.” A key best practice ensuring that only the inquiries that require HR intervention move into the HR Shared Services model is deploying a robust HR knowledgebase, accessible through a searchable, personalized portal.

Whether your organization uses a homegrown portal framework like SharePoint or WebSphere, or your portal comes from an application provider that delivers framework with the ability to include predefined and customer specific content, the ability to embed the employee’s HR experience in the organizational portal for a seamless end-to-end transaction is critical to portal adoption

Simply put: a unified employee/HR portal makes work-life information easier to access, simpler to navigate and more cost-effective to maintain – all hallmarks of an effective employee and manager self-service model, which is the backbone of a multi-tiered HR Shared Services operation.

Benefits of Unifying HR Information with Your Organization’s Portal

According to Gartner Group, HR information is the most complex and security-intensive across the enterprise. This, therefore, argues for starting with HR information when designing an effective larger corporate or enterprise portal.

Once unified, an HR knowledgebase within the organizational or corporate portal allows employees to perform multiple self-service activities from a single sign-on interface, while working “behind the scenes” leveraging existing software to make it all happen.

The key to adoption, however, is how personalized and searchable the knowledge in the HR knowledgebase is! Because employees are also consumers, they’re accustomed to using the Internet to get relevant information in context with transactions, and completing those transactions within the same session – without any third-party intervention.

The same holds true for your HR knowledgebase unified with your organizational portal: if information is easily found – Best Practices state two clicks or less – then employees and managers will easily be dropped “at the door” of the self-service ERP or other system transactions without ever leaving the comfort of their single sign-on session.

What If The Following Could Be Completed Without Any HR Intervention?

• New-hire onboarding/transfers
• New hire management
• Performance reviews
• Training enrollment
• Time entry
• Open Enrollment using interactive decision support tools
• Life events: marriage, divorce, domestic partner, adding/removing a dependent, retirement
• Search of all published company materials
• Update beneficiaries
• Update Bank or W4 tax info
• Change Address, phone number, emergency contact
• An understanding of all components of your compensation package

The Benefits Of Self-Service Via An HR Knowledgebase Are Obvious:

• Better service for employees, line managers, HR, and finance by increasing access to personalized information
• Utilization of fewer resources in servicing employee/manager requests
• Better compliance with corporate, state and federal requirements

Lower overall hard-dollar costs via better resource utilization (less paper and manual data re-entry), more informed decision-making (employees are better matched to benefit plans, for example) and leveraging investments in existing software.

How often does HR get to actually improve service while lowering costs – with the added benefit of funding additional projects with the savings you achieve while increasing your HR shared services success?

HRMS Software – Employee Self Service (ESS) Defined

HRMS Software employee self service (ESS) systems continue to be one of the most popular options with HRMS software and the demand is only growing. The objective of this article is to define the typical capabilities of today’s HRIS ESS systems.

Typical HRMS Software ESS Options

Employee Access – In the most basic sense, employee access is the main purpose of ESS systems. Employees have the ability to view or update their own information without having to communicate with HR or their managers to do so. This access may include simple demographic data, emergency contacts, attendance details, benefits, training, payroll information, or insurance plan details. When an ESS product is setup, an HRMS software administrator will typically have the option to define field by field what information employees can view, not view, or update. There may also be situations where they can change data but that change must be approved by others before the change is live. This important capability will be discussed later in this article under the option title Work Flow Management.

Manager Self Service – With many of the companies I have worked with in the past, this option has been viewed as being more important than the employee self service. With this option, managers are able to view or change data on their direct and indirect report employees. An indirect report is an employee who reports to the manager and also has employees reporting to them. In this example, the CEO or President of your company should be able to see all employees. Managers typically may be provided access to all the information employees are but they may also be able to run additional reports on their employees and managers.

Integration of HRMS and Payroll Information – If your HRMS and payroll application are integrated or you have an interface that can populate an HRMS software ESS option, employees and managers may also be able to see payroll data or payroll history. I worked with a twelve hundred employee company recently and, for them, the most important capability of ESS was having the ability for employees to print their own direct deposit advices.

Work Flow Management – I briefly touched on this very important capability under the employee access option section. With this option, you can designate an approval process for any changes that may occur in the system. For example, an employee requests time off, the manager then may approve or disapprove this time, if they approve it, the information may move to human resources to make a final approval. If the manager is out of the office, they will typically have the capability of designating a temporary approver while they are out.

As I mentioned earlier under employee access, the HRMS software administrator has the ability with each field to determine if the employee can view, not view, or change the item. You are typically allowed to setup a work flow for each change, as well.

Time off Management – We briefly touched on this topic already but the important thing to mention is that employees are typically able to view their time off history, balances, leave balances, and request time off. Managers are typically provided the ability to approve or disapprove this time and view reports relating to when employees are scheduled to be out or view attendance summary reports.

Benefits Open enrollment – Benefits Open Enrollment may or may not be an option included with ESS. Sometimes it is an extra option with its own price.

Benefits open enrollments allow for the creation of a benefit setup wizard by the HRMS Administrator. The employees are often able to read details regarding the plans and compare the costs and coverage of multiple plans side by side. This allows employees to complete their benefits setup and changes at home where they can, perhaps, view their spouse’s coverage options to make the best decision for their family.

Training Management – If your HRMS software has a detailed training management system, you may also see a number of the following options included in your HRMS application:
o Ability to register online for in house classes
o View training history
o View course catalog
o Take online tests
o View reports associated with programs requiring CEU’s or credits for completion or renewal.

In House Recruiting – If your company HRMS software offers a recruiting option, you may also be able to offer in house recruiting options to your employees. They may be able to view a job, the description and requirements or post directly for a job.

Company Information – If your company does not offer an employee intranet, an ESS application can also assist with this demand. You may typically place a variety of links within the employee or manager access portion of the ESS product that may include the following:
o Employee handbook
o Company policies
o Links to benefit providers
o On the first page of the employee or managers access, notes may be added on upcoming events such as benefits open enrollment or other company news.

Employee Self Service

A lot has been said and heard about employees, what they do, how they do, how to appoint one, how to retain one, benefits, bonus etc. Here there is one area, a very important one for every employee in an organization and that is Self Service.

As an employee one needs to ask for every bit of information about the ongoing processes in the company to someone, any change in their personal records, any voucher submission, time card details needs to be answered by someone maybe from a different department.
With a system in place that enables every employee get access to all this features and updates available, will be a good one. This will mean an employee need not ask anyone for news and events in the company, just go to a definite folder or url and read all about it. It will also mean you can do your voucher entries on-line, you can view your time sheets, your recorded working hours without disturbing and asking anyone.

Then it will truly be employee self service. Honestly this will also mean that an employee will need to do all by himself in an automated function rather than asking others to do it for them.
Automation means less burden on management and more responsibilities on you as an employee, since it will mean no malfunction and more accuracy in records management. It will be you and only you responsible for any change, update or addition.

So my friend there is always the other side of every coin, every story and every act. Its how you look upon is what gets reflected.

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Advantages of Employee Self Service (ESS) Systems

As paperwork increases and compliance laws keep surfacing, more and more companies are turning to employee self service (ESS) systems to keep up with the demand and reduce their overhead costs. If you are an employer and have not yet looked into these online services, this might be the year to do so.

With the planet ‘going green’ the timing is right. ESS systems dramatically reduce paper waste and paper costs at the same time. Employers using an online pay stub service can expect to save as much as 80% on their regular paycheck printing costs. Employees can access a history of their pay stubs at any time, whether they are still active employees or terminated. Admin staff can make changes to status and files quickly and have them take effect almost immediately. Additionally, most paperless pay services also offer email and/or text notifications of employees’ pay stub availability.

Other services available through an ESS system might be online W-2s, W-4s and other employee related paperwork all immediately available as part of an e-forms library. This can greatly simplify tax reporting for both companies and employees. Any changes to address made online immediately trigger the correct forms and updates in the system. No calls to HR needed. Additionally, the companies that offer employee self service solutions are experts in compliance, tax jurisdiction and more. The guesswork for all these forms gets removed and handled by the system so employers and HR staff can spend less time staying ahead of the learning curve and more time doing higher impact work for their company. Any time there is a question about employee paperwork, a complete audit trail is available for each employee and the data is kept secure.

The January rush for W-2 forms is made so much simpler with electronic W-2 services. I can remember waiting weeks for my W-2 to be updated and resent. But now reissues and corrections are all available for the employee online. No trips to HR. No waiting for their updated copy of the W-2. They can just log on and download it on the spot. With employee self service solutions, all changes to employee records are in one centralized place and there is no rekeying of data to paper forms which reduces time spent and the chance of errors. Companies of all sizes are taking advantage of this friendlier, less costly solution. Even government run organizations are seeing the dramatic savings in cost and time. The city of Henderson, NV was able to save an additional $20,000 by switching over to online pay stubs for their employees.

Whether you are interested in paperless payroll, electronic W-2s or digital signature forms for your company, the technology is available and reliable.

Does Your Company Need Employee Self Service?

Many of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) products on the market today offer Internet-based employee self-service options. But do you need one, and how can they be helpful?

Typical HRIS Employee Self-Service Features

Employee Self-Service (ESS) products have gained in popularity over the last several years. In a nutshell, these applications are Internet-based products that allow employees to view and/or edit information related to their HRIS employee file. Employees may be able to update their emergency contact information and personal contact information, or even change their address when necessary. A number of the self-service applications also include Benefits Open Enrollment. Employees often like this arrangement because they’re in charge of their own data, and Human Resources (HR) professionals like it because it cuts down on their input workload.

Another, often unmentioned, benefit of ESS is manager self-service. In many of these systems, managers and supervisors are able to view data on both direct and indirect reports. So instead of having to contact HR they can simply look up the data they need about an employee online. The benefits of an ESS program can be tremendous – but not to every type of organization.


It stands to reason that white-collar organizations are going to have a higher percentage of employees with Internet access in their homes than blue-collar organizations do (though this is certainly not always the case). Before investing in an online HRIS employee self-service product it’s a good idea to find out what percentage of your employees will be able to access the product from their homes. Even if the percentage is small that does not necessarily mean you should not invest in an ESS product; I have seen and helped a number of companies setup kiosks in break rooms or cafeterias where the employees can access the company ESS product. But the overall usefulness of such a system to your employees is definitely an important consideration.

How Technical Are Your Employees?

Once again, this is a call you need to make before investing in an ESS product. If most of your employees are not very technical they may be reluctant to use the product, or your HR staff might have to answer so many questions that the system does not end up actually saving time and effort.

Manager Self Service

Some of the HRIS companies we list on price the self-service products per user. So, regardless of the technical capabilities of the employees, it may be a good idea to put a product in place for supervisors, managers, and executive staff.


The most common concern I see from HR professionals regarding ESS systems is a reluctance to have employees making changes to their data. There are system features that can help eliminate this concern. For example, you are usually able to select which fields they can view and which they cannot, and which fields they can edit and which they cannot. Obviously you would not Jane Doe changing her pay rate, but you may be okay with her changing her cell phone number. Some systems also include work flow features in which employee-made changes do not take effect in the HR product until a supervisor approves them. Another common worry is that an unscrupulous employee might make unnecessary changes to other employee’s information. This is always a risk, so such concerns must be weighted against the other benefits that an ESS product offers.

Finally, even if your organization does not need an ESS application today, it very well might in the future. For that reason alone it may be a good idea to select an HRIS product with the capability.

The Benefits of an Employee Self Service System

In today’s society, the importance of streamlining processes and ensuring time is used as efficiently as possible, is spreading like wildfire. It seems people’s time is much more precious than ever before. The presence of employee self service systems is just one example of a time saving practice now being implemented.

In essence, employees are now able to access information without the need to contact their HR team or line manager. Rather than emailing or phoning the HR department for information, employees can access information from a central location. Whether it’s access to company handbooks, health and safety documents, a company newsletter or the ability to request holidays, training or apply for internal jobs; all of these are possible with an employee self service software system.

Many systems give access to these employee intranets via a web-browser so that no additional software needs be installed. Employees are given a unique username and password and their access can be completed configured to allow them to see only specific areas of the system. For example, line managers may have access to view the details of their employees, while employees only have access to view their own details. Further levels of access can then be set so that line managers cannot see salary details of their employees but they can view absence history.

The time that can be saved by giving employees the ability to request holidays and then have managers approve it, all online, is invaluable. Gone are the paper based systems, which not only take more time and resources to manage, but often mean these types of requests fall to the back of a queue of other work. The employee self service module means requests can be approved instantly by managers or HR staff or by whoever is given access to do so.

Some systems, such as the employee self service module that comes with People Inc, are also completely configurable. It allows groups of employees to be managed by different managers, again spreading the workload intelligently. The delegation of such tasks not only improves efficiently in-house but empowers staff, making them feel more worthy.

The system can also be used by employees to view existing holiday before they make their own personal requests. The absence and holiday calendar can clearly show when other colleagues have holiday booked and then they can submit their requests with this in mind.Some employee self service systems also allow employees to view and then request changes to their personal details. For example, if an employee moves house or changes their bank, they would need to inform HR. It is possible for them to do this through the employee self service module. Again the information would be submitted for approval and once approved; their details would be automatically updated on the system.

The options are endless with systems that are configurable, so then it is just down to the needs and requirements of the individual company in terms of what is actually implemented.

P & A Software supplies flexible HR software covering personnel management, employee self service, time & attendance, recruitment management and training administration.

The Power of Employee Self Service Software

Businesses rely on employee performance to maintain a healthy business model, the employees need to feel wanted and looked after within the company. The safer and more secure the employees feel, the better they will perform and in turn the better the company will operate. Performance goes up, profits go up, and the outlook for the company improves.

So what is employee self service software? It is the section of HR management software that allows the employee to manage their own HR related administration. So from booking their holidays to being able to view their remuneration package, the employee self service software provides the employee with that certain level of empowerment that they require.

In general for those companies that have chosen (wisely) to purchase and utilise HR management software will already be benefitting from employee self service software. For those that are yet to experience not only the benefits of Employee Self Service but also the advantages of having HR management software, are potentially missing out.

The advantages of having a system in place to take care of the heavy administration that comes with HR are obvious. Freeing up those who work in HR, to spend less time processing employee information and actually speaking to employees is imperative for the future success of the company.

Employee performance is directly linked to the attitude of the contact they have with members of the HR department. There is a responsibility that exists within this area of a company, if this “duty of care” is not adhered to then it will lead to a slow but steady decline in employee morale.

This is a situation that could remain unnoticed for a very long period of time. This is even more important in the current financial climate, if the company is without a HR management software solution and also employee self service software then the repercussions could be very detrimental to the future of the business.

With this in mind, it is of vital importance that not only does the company address the issue of staff morale in an effective and lasting way, but also that it provides the HR department with sufficient time and resource to implement this change. This could be additional staff, but perhaps a more lasting solution would be HR management software with employee self service software included. This will allow the company to recover and also empower both the HR department and all employees by providing them with the necessary tools to deliver on targets.

The Employee Self Service software has the added benefit of being a useful resource that both the staff members and the HR department can access and update. This is a simple method that allows both parties access to useful and relevant information. As an employee, simply knowing that they have access to their records and can update the information and request holidays, is very empowering.

Finding suitable HR management software is the best solution for any business that is experiencing administrative overload within the HR department. Not only will it streamline the whole process but will allow the HR department to work closely with the employees of the company.

P & A Software supplies flexible HR software covering personnel management, employee self service, time & attendance, recruitment management and training administration.

Benefits of a Vacation Request Form Via Employee Self Service

There are a lot of companies out there still relying on paper forms for their process of requesting and approving time off. Where time means money, these companies should consider moving to an electronic vacation request form. Firstly, companies should consider giving employees access to their own record to view their leave entitlement, time they have taken and how much time they have left via an employee self service. This makes less work for the HR Team and makes it a little easier for employees to request time off. Following that, you can put the entire vacation request process into an electronic format.

Giving your employees access to view their leave entitlements through your Time and Attendance System really cuts down on the calls your HR personnel receive about how much time they have left to take; but you can free up even more time by cutting out all the work that still has to be done in completing paper vacation request forms. You still have to organize and file all of those papers, consolidate each employee’s request with the time they have remaining to take, then look at a calendar to see if anyone else has booked that time off, and complete the paper form to approve or deny the vacation request. If you can’t accommodate the time the employee has requested, the employee goes through the whole process again for a different set of dates. Maybe you approve requests based on seniority date or on a first-come-first-serve basis; this means checking seniority dates and other scheduled vacation time as well. Vacation requests can become a very tedious process when done on paper.

Giving employees access to view their leave details via an employee self service can really help smooth out the process of leave requests, whether it be through Time & Attendance software, or even specific scheduling software.

Why not eliminate the hassles of dealing with paper forms, and switch to an electronic vacation request form? There is software available that is specifically designed for scheduling vacation requests, or you can look at the process of requesting and scheduling vacation within a Time and Attendance software. Consider the following as an alternative to paper forms.

An employee logs into the Employee Self Service and reviews how much time they have available for vacation. From there they can send a message to their supervisor asking for time off, which will indicate the dates they want off, what type of time off, the total hours or days they are requesting and any other specific details they want to include. Because the request is being sent through your Time and Attendance System, the supervisor will have the employee name, employee number, seniority date, position, and vacation entitlement details all within a click of their mouse to efficiently review the employee’s request. They can view the time off request directly in a calendar showing all of their employees’ requested and scheduled vacation so they can quickly determine if they can grant the employee’s request, or if they need to ask them to choose different dates. If they choose to approve the request, they do so directly in the Time Attendance Software leave calendar, and the employee is notified of the approval. If they cannot accommodate the time, they can remove it from the calendar and send the employee a message asking them to select a different date.

It just seems to make good sense -give your employees access to their leave through your Time and Attendance software, and consider taking the next step and using an electronic vacation request form as part of your leave request process. This will cut out the paper work and the time delay that comes with it for requesting time off. Plus, if you use Time & Attendance software for this, it means you do not need to manually enter time taken as it will already be in there.

Bruce Anderson is the president of TimeandAttendanceCompare.Com.

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